Our Story

Four years ago my Husband and I moved to New Zealand with our 3 children. And what a wonderful experience it has been. We feel very blessed that we are able to call this beautiful country home.

Being from Germany there are many things that I learned to love about living here. However, there are also certain things that I miss from Germany. And none more so than the beautiful German bread that my family and I used to eat every day. Realising that it was not so easy to find authentic German bread on the North-Shore I decided to open my own, truly German style bakery. This is how Brotzeit was born.

In our little shop in Albany we bake our selection of authentic German breads and rolls each morning. Our German Stone Oven bakes them to perfection throughout the day. Come and see for yourself and have a little taste of Germany. Hopefully you’ll enjoy it just as much as we do.

Our Products

As you can see we have a wide variety of rolls and breads available. All are filled with natural goodness and free of any preservatives.

Why not have a look and see which best suit your taste? Alternatively feel free to come and visit our shop and our friendly staff will be happy to give you more detailed explanation of the different types of bread we have on offer.

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The Counter

Like any true German bakery we offer ready-made sandwiches for you to enjoy for breakfast, lunch or simply in between meals.

As we are committed to fresh food, these sandwiches are not on display but will be prepared as you order them so as to guarantee the best possible taste experience. While you wait for your sandwich, why not have a barrista-made Altura coffee? Our fresh sandwiches and Barrista coffees: a marriage made in heaven.